25 years of expertise in eye care

Over the last 25 years, the team that is now Arcadophta has created, developed, manufactured and marketed a complete and innovative range of ready-to-use devices for ophthalmic surgery, in particular for vitreoretinal surgery.

Arcadophta works in close collaboration with ophthalmologists to develop the devices to accompany advances in surgery as they occur.

Ready to use, Arcadophta products facilitate the actions of the surgeon and his or her team, and guarantee them maximum security.


Compositions which prioritise tolerance

Arcadophta gives priority to tolerance of the product during and after the surgical operation. All our formulations follow a purification process to eliminate any toxic residues or components.

  • Trypan blues: elimination of monoazo and O-tolidine by-products.
  • Silicone oils: elimination of low-molecular- weight polymers.
  • Ophthalmic gases: the choice of a pressurised container avoids cumulative residues of liquefied gases.
  • PFCL: Arcaline at purity > 97%, Arcotane > 99%.
  • HPMC: sterile single dose preservative free dedicated to corneal protection.


Packaging to facilitate use

Arcadophta offers ready-to-use packaging which makes for easier handling by surgeons and nurses in the operating room:

For Monoblue Nafx, use of a special syringe and piston guarantees a smooth, controlled injection.

For Arciolane fractionated oil, the thick blown glass syringe reduces the risk of fracture when subjected to strong pressure.

For ophthalmic gases, Arceole is supplied in a ready-to-use single dose, making it easier to handle by the surgeon, and increasing the quality and accuracy of the air/gas mixture necessary for tamponade.

For corneal protection, Op’Cover is provided in a ready to use sterile tube individually wrapped.

References which correspond to each health condition

For silicone oils, the alternative between oils with different viscosities (1300 cSt and 5500 cSt) will depend on the surgeon’s therapeutic targets.

For gases, the choices of tamponade SF6, C2F6 or C3F8 are made depending on the pathology.

For PFCLs, perfluorodecalin or Perfluorooctane are adapted to the different degrees of retinal detachment.


R&D which accompanies surgical advances through permanent innovation

Arcadophta has developed original and innovative products for each of the product ranges used in ophthalmic surgery, and filed patents.

Arcadophta aims to accompany advances in surgery in order to facilitate the use of its products by surgical teams.






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