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Surgical Implants and Appliances Sdn Bhd (SIAA) was established in October 1993. In the last two decades, it has worked hand-in-hand with many ophthalmologists in the private and government hospitals in Malaysia. Together, we have explored and introduced new equipment and technologies to this field with the objective of improving eye-care in the country.

At SIAA, every equipment or technology is tested and handpicked before it is brought into the country. The selection process includes visitation to the principal’s manufacturing plants, attending International Exhibitions, or Congress, participation in workshops and before introducing them to our ophthalmologists.

which provide accurate results to our clients’ diagnostic and analysis processes. SIAA also provides upgrading; updating and scheduled maintenance services to ensure all precision equipment are accurately calibrated according to the manufacturers’ standards.

Complementing its imaging and laser line of products are the non-imaging and consumable products which are frequently used by the hospitals and clinics in their daily operations, including disposable items and implants.

SIAA  carry  products that meet the requirements of the following categories and specialize fields:

  • Vessel Analyser for Static and Dynamic
  • Ophthalmology Simulator for Phaco & Vitreal Retinal Microsurgery
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Vitreal Retinal Surgery
  • Imaging Diagnostic Angiography/OCT
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Glaucoma
  • Ocularplasty
  • Corneal

Hard work and dedication in the last 20 years have resulted in SIAA being selected as the principal distributor for many internationally renowned brands for ophthalmology equipment such as:

  1. Heidelberg Products
  2. Ellex Laser & Ultrasound Equipment
  3. ASICO Instrument
  4. DORC Instrument
  5. Kowa Products
  6. DORC Products
  7. Reichert Products
  8. Roland Consults

In 2006, SIAA has also expanded its services to provide educational materials and equipment for local academic institutions and universities. The company believes that they are playing an important role in developing the nation by supplying quality equipment that will enhance the knowledge and skills of ophthalmologists.

Moving forward, the company has expanded its wings into providing educational materials and equipment for local academic institutions and universities. This is a great part of SIAA’s efforts in synchronizing its business strategy in line with Malaysia Government’s effort in achieving a high-income society through better education and knowledge transfer.