The SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser enables minimally invasive lenticule extraction as well as flap creation in FemtoLASIK. Its combination of innovative technology and intelligent design provides safety and precision in refractive corneal surgery.

Sophisticated eye tracking

The SCHWIND ATOS has a sophisticated eye tracking system. Its pupil recognition and cyclotorsion compensation provide precise centring of the patient’s eye along the visual axis. The centring options and cyclotorsion compensation make it possible to treat vision deficiencies more effectively, especially astigmatism. The centring can be performed easily. A monitor directly in the surgeon’s field of vision provides additional convenience.



SCHWIND ATOS® – more knowledge from experience

The SCHWIND ATOS is a logical consequence of SCHWIND’s comprehensive expertise in technologies for smooth corneal surfaces. With a pulse rate of up to four megahertz, sophisticated pulse characteristics and refined positioning algorithms, this femtosecond laser features very short treatment and incision times. 

The improved lenticular geometry is not limited by a minimum thickness, and is tissue-saving. Furthermore, lenticules and flaps made with the SCHWIND ATOS exhibit a homogenous surface. As a result, lenticule extraction is simple. In FemtoLASIK, it makes it easy to lift the flap created with SCHWIND ATOS.

Safety through intelligent eye tracking and cyclotorsion compensation

Precise treatment through accurate centring, even in higher astigmatism

Comfortable for the eye through curved patient interface

Large flap diameters made possible by sophisticated contact glass design

Compact and flexible in use

User-friendly with clear, intuitive planning and efficient workflow